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Find Out What Your Government Is Hiding From You

RapidVPN/ November 30, 2015/ Blog/

Want to know what your government is hiding from you? In this article we will just talk about that. We no more live in Stone Age or Dark Age, we live in internet era. Era of virtuality where everything is done virtually, whether it be meeting people or doing business deals. But this also has its own benefits and dangers.

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Stop Using Free VPN | Here is 5 Reasons Why

RapidVPN/ November 26, 2015/ Blog/

We all know what a VPN is and why is VPN used in various fields. From Business Security to Gaming Speed every field has been blessed by VPN Services. There are many options available about VPN Services. One might get confused choosing among them. But as competition is increasing some companies are also providing free VPN Services. Who does not

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Save $500 Now. How to save serious money using Anonymous VPN IP?

RapidVPN/ November 22, 2015/ Blog/

You all must be familiar with the concept of VPN anonymity, online privacy & increased security. Right?  I am not a terrorist, don’t do anything illegal. I don’t need an Anonymous VPN IP.   Nothing of real benefit in buying an Anonymous VPN IP, right? WRONG. Let’s see how. We all love to travel right? , well most of us.   At

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3 Reasons why you should only buy from Dedicated IP VPN Provider.

RapidVPN/ November 20, 2015/ Blog/

Nowadays thousands of new VPN providers are popping out every day.  In these extreme competition you will find many provider which claim to provide the cheapest and best service out there, which is never true. Some of them might even provide extended free trials & money back guarantees to increase their sells. A dedicated IP means that no one but

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You are not SAFE ! Why you should worry about TPP?

RapidVPN/ November 14, 2015/ Blog/

TPP Stands for The Trans-Pacific Partnership. Probably biggest & scariest partnership up to this date. It is a top secret international trade agreement. Although this agreement is said to be very classified certain chapters of it has been leaked via WikiLeaks. Below we will explain why this is a big deal and why you should be worried about it. As

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What activities should I use a VPN for?

RapidVPN/ November 9, 2015/ Blog/

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A  Virtual Private Network is basically many computers connected together or many groups of computers linked together. These computers serve various purposes, some of which are increased speed of internet, reduced costs for organizations & the most important of all is increased security. Nowadays VPN is as important as your internet service itself. Before

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