Monthly Archives: September 2019

The “No More Ransom” Initiative

RapidVPN/ September 19, 2019/ Blog/

As the threat of ransomware is escalating quickly and isn’t dying anytime soon, it is upon organizations to join forces and to combat the malware as best as they can. In some of the recent studies, Google concluded that “ransomware is here to stay”. The way to fight those threats for an individual is keeping systems up-to-date and security patches

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Steam vulnerability exposes gamers to hacking

RapidVPN/ September 12, 2019/ Blog/

The Steam affair has been known for quite a while now – at the beginning of the year, a white hat hacker Vasily Kravets discovered that the major gaming platform with millions of users suffered from an extreme security vulnerability. Kravets discovered that cybercriminals can abuse Steam to run malicious code with many administrative rights on Windows machines. As he

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Europe’s top court ruled against social plug-ins; here’s why

RapidVPN/ September 5, 2019/ Blog/

When you surf across the internet, the Facebook Like button in nearly unavoidable. If you visit any website you are highly likely to see the Facebook Like button which encourages you to share the “like” with your Facebook friends and family. However, after a sequence of events, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which is the top court in Europe,

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