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Revenge porn as a form of Internet blackmailing

RapidVPN/ May 22, 2020/ Blog/

Whether online or offline, there are few experiences more harrowing and violative than victimization at the hands, or keyboard, of an Internet harasser, extorter, or cyberbully. When an ex-lover posts or threatens to share unauthorized or non-consensual intimate images with the intent to embarrass, defame, ridicule, or harass a person, he or she is well aware of the potential magnitude

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Dangers of unified user profiles

RapidVPN/ May 16, 2020/ Blog/

Unified user-profiles offer one single, centralized view of a user’s data. They display data that are typically scattered across channels, apps, and devices to paint one clear picture of all user’s interactions with a brand. Unified user profiles are extremely valuable for building products and marketing to users, but can be difficult to create. Those profiles are above all great

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The relationship between cookies and cybersecurity

RapidVPN/ May 8, 2020/ Blog/

Usually, when you open a website you see a pop up that asks you to accept cookies. And more than usually, you tend to click yes. But do we know what we’re agreeing to? Cookies have been part of the Internet since the dawn of the world wide web, but they are still a mystery to some users. And most

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COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity

RapidVPN/ May 1, 2020/ Blog/

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the organizations and individuals to embrace many new practices such as social distancing, work from home, etc. Governments are finding ways to ensure that their countries stay stable and they do so by developing and enforcing new economic plans. However, while the whole world is focused on the health and economic threats that are posed

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