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Top 2018 Legal Sites to Stream Videos

RapidVPN/ September 24, 2018/ Blog/

At one time or the other, everyone needs to stream videos for entertainment, education, or commercial purposes. Of course, there are hundreds of sites that allow video streaming, but not all of them are legal. There have been cases where several video streaming websites were shut down for illegality and mainly violations of copyright laws. In this article, we bring

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Google Is Recording Your Movements On The Phone, What To Do About It?

RapidVPN/ September 17, 2018/ Blog/

In spite several privacy policies and provisions made to assure you that your privacy is protected and respected, you may be surprised that Google knows so much about you, your searches and your location. As long as you use a smartphone, Android or iOS device, Google is recording your movements on the phone, even when you have turned off your

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Biggest Lies Told On The Internet In 2018

RapidVPN/ September 10, 2018/ Blog/

Several lies are peddled on the internet. Most of these lies are told by individuals, companies, and other persons trying to get attention or have you take an action that will achieve their goals. Another set of lies are as a result of government propaganda. Besides, consumers also tell lies to access some services or products. Below are biggest lies

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Best Free Courses to Become An Ethical Hacker

RapidVPN/ September 2, 2018/ Blog/

Quite a lot has been said, heard, and read about hacking, hackers, and ethical hacking. Not everyone understands what it is all about because hacking has some misconceptions about it. This write-up aims to let you in on what ethical hacking is and the best free courses you can take to become an ethical hacker.   What Is Ethical Hacking?

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