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Most Secure Browsers in 2018

RapidVPN/ May 26, 2018/ Blog/

Browsers are an indispensable part of your online experience; in that, they come to mind first whenever you need to connect to the internet. They offer a platform to access the internet world and several things that connect to them. As a result of the dependence and reliance on them, they are crucial to our online privacy and anonymity. Besides,

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What Is GDPR and What Does It Mean For You?

RapidVPN/ May 19, 2018/ Blog/

What Is GDPR? GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR is the new data protection rules aimed at standardizing all data protection law in all 28 countries belonging to the EU. GDPR sets new regulations with regard to processing and controlling personally identifiable information (PII). GDPR features an extension of the personal data protection and rights, which return the

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4 Common VPN Myths and Why They Are Not True

RapidVPN/ May 12, 2018/ Blog/

Virtual Private Network popularity called VPN is a popular technology that provides an internet connection between users and private servers. The need for secure network access and corporate communications gave birth to the VPN. However, its use soon spread to the non-corporate users who intend to stay safe from the prying eyes of the ISPs that usually collect users’ browsing

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Gmail’s Confidential Mode

RapidVPN/ May 4, 2018/ Blog/

The “Confidential Mode” is the latest Google’s update to Gmail. Google aims to give users of Gmail more control over who gets to see the emails they send, and for how long. The Gmail’s Confidential Mode enables users to remove the right and possibilities of forwarding, downloading, copying or printing selected emails. In addition, Gmail users could request for a

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