Most Secure Browsers in 2018

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Browsers are an indispensable part of your online experience; in that, they come to mind first whenever you need to connect to the internet. They offer a platform to access the internet world and several things that connect to them. As a result of the dependence and reliance on them, they are crucial to our online privacy and anonymity. Besides, web browsers are easy targets for hackers and malware developers.

Due to the growing level of awareness for anonymity and security online among the public, several browser developers have started to focus on creating more secure, responsive, fast, and a more private environment for their teeming users.

Many factors are taken into consideration to determine how secure a browser is, and those factors are discussed below.


Factors Determining How Secure A Browser Is

Web browsers’ security is determined by a lot of factors. Most secure browsers put a premium on users’ privacy. They prevent or block malicious scripts, ads tracking users, and also provides encryption on users’ data to prevent users from being monitored about their online activities.

To provide users with secure platforms, browsers include:

  1. Built-in features, e.g., cookies settings, Do Not Track requests, password managers, etc.
  2. Extensions, e.g., third-party extensions that you can use for encryption, script blocking, ad blocking, VPN protection
  3. Prevents user error with the use of incognito or privacy tabs


Most Secure Browsers in 2018

  1. Tor Browser

Built on the Mozilla core, Tor browser takes advantage of the onion routing and the Tor Network for the encryption of each packet data leaving a user’s device. Tor Browser offers a higher level of security and privacy than other browsers.

Tor also has default security features that get rid of possible breaches of identity by disabling Java, Flash, and embedded applets by default. The browser is highly secure but is not ideal for everyday browsing as the onion routing slows down the network.

Download Tor Browser from the Tor’s website.


  1. Brave Browser

Brave is an open-source browser project launched the original co-founder of Mozilla. It aims to deliver a fulfilling lightweight, secure, and fast experience. It is partially based on the Chromium engine that powers the Chrome browser but has added features that ensure online security without the need for configurations or extensions. The brave browser has an in-built d blocker that is turned on default to prevent access to your information by ad publishers.

The browser also offers protection from malware and phishing, script blocking, HTTPS, and browser fingerprinting protection. Brave is an excellent choice considering its high level of security.

Download Brave Browser from the Brave Browser’s website.


  1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox returns in a big way after a long time. It is back faster, light, and with strong privacy tools to enhance online security. It does not task RAM even with several tabs opened. The browser makes regular updates to fix security threats and protect the users’ privacy in the face of GDPR that seeks to regulate how users’ data is used or processed.

Download Mozilla Firefox from the Mozilla Firefox’s website.