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How Does Phishing Look Like in 2017?

RapidVPN/ June 28, 2017/ Blog/

Despite the many efforts by anti-virus companies to come up with advanced software to protect their users from phishing threats, the cyber criminals continue to wreak havoc to millions of internet users. They have come up with new phishing techniques which could easily lure you to reveal the targeted personal information if you are not careful. A report posted on

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Recent Ransom Attacks

RapidVPN/ June 20, 2017/ Blog/

The recent ransom attack that affected over 150 countries affecting thousands of public a s well as private computers and networks put the spotlight on cybersecurity. Malicious hackers use attachments in emails to spread the ransomware. Most people do not mind opening an attachment, and this has led to an increase of ransom attacks in the recent past. Here are

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How to Go Off the Grid (Part 2)

RapidVPN/ June 14, 2017/ Blog/

In Part 1 of how to go off the grid, we looked at the reasons why you should consider going off the grid and the first three steps that you need to take. In this article, we will go an extra mile and look at three other measures that you can adopt to ensure that there is no personal information

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How to Go Off the Grid (Part 1)

RapidVPN/ June 8, 2017/ Blog/

Now that Internet Service Providers have been allowed to share their clients’ personal information such as browsing history with advertisers, it is the high time that you learn how to go off the grid. Here is part 1 of how to go off the grid without breaking a sweat or breaking any existing laws. Delete/Deactivate Shopping, Web Service, and Shopping

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