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Best Free Music Streaming Services

RapidVPN/ October 29, 2016/ Blog/

  Whether on a tablet, a mobile phone or the web, the options for accessing music have become unlimited. Music streaming services have increased significantly, and users get easily confused on how to choose the most suitable platform. We present the best free music streaming services.   Spotify Spotify can be accessed from all the key platforms like Blackberry, Android,

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Deciphering the History of VPN

RapidVPN/ October 24, 2016/ Blog/

Many people in the world use VPN to enhance their surfing experience and navigate the internet anonymously without revealing their identity and actual location to hackers, websites, and government authorities.   Invention of secure Internet In 1996, Gurdeep Singh-Pall, with an urge to provide internet users with a secure internet connection and allow people to work securely from home, invented

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How Yahoo Betrayed Its Users; Can I Trust My Email Provider?

RapidVPN/ October 19, 2016/ Blog/

Yahoo was once the darling of the internet, but it is now in crisis after the announcement that it experienced the greatest data hack ever recorded and it took two years to notice. Half a billion Yahoo Mail accounts are alleged to have been exposed, and Yahoo may have facilitated it. The company said that data associated with 500 million

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5 Tips for Protecting the Elderly from Online Threats

RapidVPN/ October 13, 2016/ Blog/

Internet being one of the most reliable sources of information, it is used by all age groups as the primary source of information nowadays. The cyber criminals have realized that the elderly are not upbeat with the latest cyber crime tactics and often try to defraud them. Here are five tips on how you can protect the elderly from online threats.

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How to Detect a Phishing Email and What to Do With It

RapidVPN/ October 10, 2016/ Blog/

According to a recent study, the rate of phishing email attacks rose by over 162% between 2010 and 2014. This number has since increased as cyber criminals have come up with ingenious ways of achieving their heinous objectives. It is important to be vigilant of the emails that you decide to open once they land in your inbox. Here are

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Where in the World is Skype Restricted and How to Remove the Restriction

RapidVPN/ October 7, 2016/ Blog/

Skype is the most widely used VOIP service in the world as evident from a large number of people who use it to communicate using its chat and video calling feature. Unfortunately, this service is highly restricted in some parts of the world. Examples of countries where Skype is blocked include: Guyana Libya North Korea Qatar UAE Syria Jordan Paraguay

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5 iPhone Security Hacks That Will Save You From a Headache

RapidVPN/ October 4, 2016/ Blog/

Your iPhone is probably your closest friend. You cannot live without it, you go everywhere with it, you consult it for ideas; it has become part of you. However, how serious have you been with the security of your phone? I know you have a password, what else? To save you from any hacking headaches consider the following tips.  

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