Best Free Music Streaming Services

RapidVPN/ October 29, 2016/ Blog/


Whether on a tablet, a mobile phone or the web, the options for accessing music have become unlimited. Music streaming services have increased significantly, and users get easily confused on how to choose the most suitable platform. We present the best free music streaming services.



Spotify can be accessed from all the key platforms like Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows. It is among the most popular and oldest free music streaming service and provides access to albums, individual artists and allows you to create your playlist. According to Android Authority, Spotify has 320 kbps streaming quality and offers users with endless features to widen their music listening experience.



YouTube has nearly one billion real monthly users who have access to a broad choice of music video content. The collection includes live recordings, covers, mixtapes, remixes and kind of user generated content. It arguably offers the widest compilation of music online and allows one to listen to music and watch videos while looking for other songs and using other features. For a DJ, an established musician or an upcoming music artist, YouTube gives you an opportunity to upload content and earn revenue from it while monitoring your channel. YouTube exclusively offers this opportunity.


Google Play

Unlike Spotify, Google play allows the user to access their complete music directory and not just the free streaming ones. According to Lifehacker, Google Play allows you to create custom radio stations and play what you like on demand. It is supported by most major platforms such as Android and has superb music streaming ability of 320 kbps.



According to digital music news, Pandora has 80 million active users. It has a thumb down and a thumb up feature that enables you to choose the songs you like and those that you do not want to hear repeatedly.  The suggested-song algorithm is also excellent for music exploration. Free account holders benefit from 100 personalized radio stations and little skips. With a streaming quality of 192 kbps, if you fancy customizing everything then Pandora is your ideal option.


These streaming services are suited for different music streaming needs, examine your preferred tastes, and choose a service that suits you. People who are accustomed to streaming music online can also help you to choose a platform that is secure and well known for providing a wide array of music genres.