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Internet Censorship – Part 3: (methods to fight back censorship)

RapidVPN/ January 31, 2019/ Blog/

In Part 2 of this series, different technologies used by the government to make sure that internet censorship happens were discussed. In this edition, methods by which internet censorship can be circumvented will be examined.   Can internet censorship be fought and bypassed? How and what methods can be used to avoid the limitations imposed by the grips of internet

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Internet Censorship – Part 2

RapidVPN/ January 18, 2019/ Blog/

As a follow-up to the previous post about what internet censorship is all about, the areas it affects, and how it affects people, this post shall discuss various technologies government uses to ensure the success of the implementation of internet censorship program.   The government uses several methods or technologies to enforce internet censorship. Without strict enforcement of the internet

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Internet Censorship – Part 1: (what is it? some examples of areas where get censored, how it affects people)

RapidVPN/ January 11, 2019/ Blog/

What Is Internet Censorship? Internet censorship is the regulation or control, or limitation of the information that can be published, accessed, or seen on the internet. This restriction can be carried out by the government or private organizations sequel to a directive from the government or its regulators. Internet censorship can also be carried organizations and individuals for purposes best

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The 8 Biggest Data Breaches of 2018

RapidVPN/ January 3, 2019/ Blog/

The year 2018 is one of several years that were marked significant data breaches. Unauthorized access and illegal hacking into the database of organizations, companies, and businesses to steal confidential personal, financial, and contact information of subscribers, customers, and users took place and most of which shook the cyberspace and users globally. Some of the data breaches in 2018 had

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