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5 Must Do Internet Privacy Tips

RapidVPN/ June 29, 2016/ Blog/

Even with the latest in internet security software, browsing, and having any of your personal data online puts you at risk of losing your privacy, and of being hacked. It is important to realize that it is not just hackers, and the government that are watching your online movements; advertisers and social networks also collect user data for their benefit.

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Which has Better Online Security: VPN or Proxy Server?

RapidVPN/ June 25, 2016/ Blog/

Although VPN’s and proxy servers perform a similar function, the processes involved are different. As a result, VPN’s and proxy servers both have different consequences in terms of online security. When compared, VPNs come out on top and are found to be better than proxy servers in almost every way.  As a result VPNs provide better online anonymity, and therefore

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5 Tips For Online Security and Privacy for Travellers

RapidVPN/ June 22, 2016/ Blog/

When out and about, and especially when travelling, it can be really tempting to log on to public Wi-Fi networks. However, these public networks are often unprotected and so rife with potential for hacking, and data loss. Although it is not necessary for you to go completely cold-turkey from internet browsing, and email etc, it is essential that you are

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Top 5 Smartphone Security Threats in 2016

RapidVPN/ June 18, 2016/ Blog/

The majority of us have smartphones, and furthermore a lot of us use them every single day of our lives. Whether we use them for playing games, working, or just keeping in touch, they play an essential part in our lives. That’s just one of the many reasons why when there is an inconvenience to our smartphones, we tend to

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6 Tips for Managing Security on Cloud

RapidVPN/ June 11, 2016/ Blog/

Having the Cloud enables us to work from anywhere we like, and thus brings with it a level of convenience that we could not otherwise have. However, despite its benefits, cloud computing also brings with it the risk of security breaches and hacks. These security challenges do not have to happen and can be reduced. Here are 6 tips that

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Top 5 Online Tools to Scan URLs and Files for Danger

RapidVPN/ June 8, 2016/ Blog/

Certain URL’s and files can be dangerous in terms of our online security. As a result, for many people who surf the web, whether to click a link, or to leave it, is a question that comes up almost every day. For example, many people question whether or not to open an email attachment for fear of it containing unsafe

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Five Tips You Need To Know To Make Your Business More Secure

RapidVPN/ June 4, 2016/ Blog/

Businesses must ensure that their physical buildings are secure in order to prevent criminal access. As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, businesses are also now having to do more and more of their trade online which means that businesses also need to know how to make themselves more secure digitally. Here are 5 tips that you need to know in

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Online Threats to Watch Out for in 2016

RapidVPN/ June 1, 2016/ Blog/

As we all move towards the digital era, and complete much of our business and banking online, cybercrime is becoming increasingly lucrative and thus more and more common. As a result, in order to prevent us becoming the next victim of attack, we must all be aware of the online threats that we face on a day to day basis

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