Which has Better Online Security: VPN or Proxy Server?

RapidVPN/ June 25, 2016/ Blog/


Although VPN’s and proxy servers perform a similar function, the processes involved are different. As a result, VPN’s and proxy servers both have different consequences in terms of online security. When compared, VPNs come out on top and are found to be better than proxy servers in almost every way.  As a result VPNs provide better online anonymity, and therefore should be chosen if you are concerned about your online security. Here are four reasons why VPN’s have better online security:


  1. A VPN does everything that a proxy server does, plus lots more

A proxy server, is big a computer that acts as a go-between between for your computer and the internet. When online traffic is routed through the proxy server it is ‘tagged’ with the servers IP address, and not with that of your computer. Other than that, proxy servers offer very little in the way of online security.


A VPN also creates a channel that goes between your computer and the host server and with this all internet traffic goes in and out of the host server and is ‘tagged’ with the host servers IP address. However, in addition to creating the channel, a VPN encrypts all of the internet traffic that goes through and this keeps your data safe by preventing it from being exposed to hackers or eavesdroppers.


  1. There’s no guarantee that proxy servers are going to be fast, as most are free and not maintained.

Unfortunately when things appear too good to be true they often are. This is true with regards to proxy servers because although most are free, very few proxy servers offer much in terms of stability or reliability. Even the proxy servers that users have to pay for vary in the speed and reliability that they offer.


  1. Proxy Servers provide no additional encryption or anonymization like that which VPNs offer.

Proxy servers are unlike VPNs as they do not devote specific resources to encrypting all of the online traffic that passes through them. As a result, internet hackers can easily access users data, and access IP addresses for example by using Flash or JavaScript.


  1. There is no guarantee that a proxy server will stay connected.

Proxy servers are unlike VPN’s as they can be highly unstable, which means that proxy servers can go on and off-line without notice. This is dangerous for you and your online safety as you will not be given any warning when the proxy server goes offline, and therefore you can be subject to data hacking and security breaches.