Five Tips You Need To Know To Make Your Business More Secure

RapidVPN/ June 4, 2016/ Blog/

Businesses must ensure that their physical buildings are secure in order to prevent criminal access. As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, businesses are also now having to do more and more of their trade online which means that businesses also need to know how to make themselves more secure digitally. Here are 5 tips that you need to know in order to make your business physically, and digitally more secure:


  1. Secure access to your building

Installing a secure access system into your businesses building can help to prevent criminal access, and thus keep your businesses data, and other information safe. Some security systems require a passcode, whilst others require employees to have access keys. The type of system that you opt for will depend on factors such as your budget, your requirement for safety, and the number of employees that you have.


  1. Check credentials for people offering services

Just as you would check the credentials of the person fixing your boiler at home, as a business owner you should always check the credentials of people offering services such as computer or electricity repairmen. Criminals, and especially those wanting to access business data, can come in all shapes and sizes, so never assume that a person is safe and official based on their age, gender or apparent official uniform.


  1. Have a thorough IT team

Keeping your businesses computer systems updated and secure will always help to limit the risk of cyber attack. Having a thorough and experienced IT team is an important way that you can ensure that your businesses computer system is healthy, and the risk of cyber attack is low.


  1. Use VPN services to encrypt data

Using VPN services will ensure that online information that is shared between employees and between different branches of your company is secure, and cannot be accessed by cyber criminals. Having such a secure form of communication will enable the employees within your business to work freely, even at home, without the risk of attack.


  1. Don’t forget about old employees

An important final consideration for any business, if they are concerned about their safety, is old employees. It is important to remember that previous employees will remember passcodes, email addresses, and other secure information, and so in order to keep current business information secure, and private, it is important to update security information, and regularly change online and physical passcodes, and such like.