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How to Test Your Antivirus, Firewall, Browser and Software Security

RapidVPN/ August 31, 2016/ Blog/

Once you have set up all of your security systems on your computer and have antivirus preventing malicious attack, a firewall blocking unauthorized access, and your browser is safe with up to date plug ins you may think that you are ready to go, and have no gaps in your computer defenses. However, you can’t be sure that your defenses

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VPN Security on the Internet

RapidVPN/ August 27, 2016/ Blog/

The internet offers its users freedom to access immense amount of data and information, but to the inexperienced this information can be restricted or compromised. To overcome this, internet users can use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. Basically a VPN has been designed to provide a secure and an encrypted tunnel that can be used to transfer the data

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Why you should have an American VPN

RapidVPN/ August 24, 2016/ Blog/

People use VPN for more security and US VPN provider does exactly that, providing a secure way for your information through the internet. There are certain reasons why a VPN USA IP will be more useful to you. Everyone wants to keep their personal info away from the prying eyes of hackers and even annoying marketers. An American VPN will

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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to ensure security of your Wireless Router

RapidVPN/ August 21, 2016/ Blog/

We live in a world that is dependent on internet access. As a result almost everyone has a Wi-Fi router in their home. Most Wi-Fi boxes are secured by passwords to prevent prying eyes from seeing our private data, but sometimes passwords aren’t enough. Here are 7 things that you can do right now in order to ensure the security

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4 ways to Completely Secure Your Wi-Fi Network Against Intrusion

RapidVPN/ August 18, 2016/ Blog/

Logging onto the internet via an insecure Wi-Fi network puts you at risk of being hacked. Insecure Wi-Fi networks give internet criminals an easy way to access your personal information which can put you at risk of identity fraud. Here are 4 ways that will allow you to completely secure your Wi-Fi network in order to prevent intrusion.   Update

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How to Avoid Snooping on your Hotel Wi-Fi?

RapidVPN/ August 14, 2016/ Blog/

When staying away from home one of the first things we do is log on to Wi-Fi. But, hotel Wi-Fi networks are rarely secure, and in many cases are completely open with only a room number or generic code needed to access the internet. As a result of the lack of encryption, internet activity is not private and this means

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Be Aware Of Online Tracking: Can an ISP Track a VPN User?

RapidVPN/ August 10, 2016/ Blog/

Online tracking is big business, and occurs all the time, often without users knowing. To prevent online tracking many internet users connect to a VPN which encrypts online traffic and keeps a user, and their location private.   An internet service provider or ISP is an organization that enables us all to use the internet and access content. ISP’s allow

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4 Free Online Security Tools to use with a VPN

RapidVPN/ August 6, 2016/ Blog/

Online security is essential if you want to keep your personal information secure and your children safe. However, some online security tools can be pretty pricey. Thankfully, there are free online security tools available, and if you use them in conjunction with a VPN then you will be able to increase your online protection and prevent malicious cyber attacks. Read

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5 ways to Bypass OpenDNS Internet Security

RapidVPN/ August 3, 2016/ Blog/

OpenDNS filters internet sites, and can block access for certain web users. Being blocked from certain sites can be frustrating for many, but there are ways to bypass OpenDNS so that you can access the sites that you want to.   Changing DNS Settings (Windows) OpenDNS blocks access by changing the DNS settings on your computers router. By changing the

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