4 ways to Completely Secure Your Wi-Fi Network Against Intrusion

RapidVPN/ August 18, 2016/ Blog/

Logging onto the internet via an insecure Wi-Fi network puts you at risk of being hacked. Insecure Wi-Fi networks give internet criminals an easy way to access your personal information which can put you at risk of identity fraud. Here are 4 ways that will allow you to completely secure your Wi-Fi network in order to prevent intrusion.


  1. Update Your Router

Check out your routers website in order to look out for software. Upgrading router software will help to prevent attack and will also give you the opportunity to enjoy a faster router. You could also consider third-party router firmware’s that come with additional security features and reduce the hassle of updating.


  1. Keep Changing Your Router’s Password

Routers come with default passwords that can be easily guessed and so leave you at risk of attack, especially if the Wi-Fi network is open. Make sure to change the password to keep you and your family safe when online at home.


  1. Upgrade Your Network Encryption

Do not select WEP encryption as it is the easiest to crack. Select WP2 TKIP/ AES for the most secure connection. If your router was made before 2006 then you could face difficulties, but to be honest if you have such an old router it really is time to upgrade if you want to stay safe when online.


  1. Hiding Your SSID

Hiding your routers SSID is tricky, can burn batteries and is not really necessary as it won’t really help to keep you safe when online. Instead, change your routers SSID in order to keep safe, especially if you live in a densely populated area. Ensure that the SSID you select won’t identify you.


Leaving your home Wi-Fi network open can put you at risk of malicious attack and personal information loss. It could also allow criminals to use your home IP address as cover for their criminal online activities. Make sure to secure your Wi-Fi network with up to date encryption and defensive measures to prevent hassle and worse.