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Cybercrime – Part 2: Crime Against Companies

RapidVPN/ January 26, 2018/ Blog/

Companies-related cybercrime continues to outpace individual identity theft for consumers. Companies are suffering because thieves know they don’t have resources including time and money to put up a strong defense to protect their information against a data breach. Cybercriminals have developed sophisticated techniques to steal private information from the smallest businesses to largest corporations. Most of the time organizations will

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Cybercrime – Part 1: Introduction

RapidVPN/ January 21, 2018/ Blog/

What Cybercrime is Computer crime refers to criminal activity involving a computer. The computer may be used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target. Cybercrime relates to the unlawful use of the Internet. In its purest form, cybercrime can be defined as any illegal activity that uses a computer as its primary means of function.

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The Role of a Firewall in the Year 2018

RapidVPN/ January 14, 2018/ Blog/

With the roles that computers play in our daily lives, it is imperative to know as many things about them as possible. Most of us know how to send and receive emails; do simple word processing and the like. But it is just as important to understand those parts of our computer that could protect us from computer problems down

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What is Incognito mode and why you should use it

RapidVPN/ January 10, 2018/ Blog/

What is Incognito mode Incognito mode is a feature available on the Google Chrome and other browsers. What this feature lets you do is, it will let you browse privately. For example when you enter this incognito mode, it doesn’t save your browsing history it also doesn’t save your search history and additionally it won’t store cookies of websites you

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How safe are open Wi-Fi Networks?

RapidVPN/ January 4, 2018/ Blog/

Open Wi-Fi networks give you access to the Internet by radio signals instead of wires, so you get to surf the net anywhere like at the hotels, airports or at the mall you can get online at a coffee shop or at the other coffee shop. But there are strings attached to that public wireless network you are connected to,

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