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Modular Malware: The new way of stealing your data

RapidVPN/ June 27, 2019/ Blog/

Malware – malicious software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. We all heard of it. It comes in different shapes and sizes. We know them as viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, adware, botnets. Over the years, malware evolved and became so sophisticated that some of them use different modules to alter how

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Internet hacking: 2019 forecast not so bright

RapidVPN/ June 22, 2019/ Blog/

We all know that computers are insecure and cybercrime is a significant problem. Stories about hacking and exposing a large amount of data make headlines for a few days, but they’re just the tip of a large iceberg. The risks are about to get worse. The creativity with which hackers are finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities is progressing at

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What is the “cost” of free apps؟

RapidVPN/ June 13, 2019/ Blog/

Offering something for free is definitely one of the most effective models to attract customers. You don’t get much for free these days, so it is a pleasant surprise when something is labeled free. Let’s talk about the situation when that surprise becomes bitter. Free does not mean safe. When we use our phones, we are spending a lot of

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Facebook pushing you to better protect your account – here is why

RapidVPN/ June 6, 2019/ Blog/

Everything online is hackable. If your sensitive data are on a computer connected to the internet, they are vulnerable. Whether someone will be hacked depends on defensive technologies, user awareness, the need and skill of the hacker and the desirability of the data. For example, it is different if an attacker just wants credit-card details or looking for specific data

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