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Why you still need VPN for Netflix? Choose RapidVPN for watching Netflix.

RapidVPN/ January 18, 2016/ Blog/

Last week we heard great news from the ceo of Netflix. Netflix was released in more than 130 countries. Apparently in every corner of the world, except for china! Due to Netflix’s new Netflix everywhere plan, now users from most of the countries can watch Netflix.   Now this is a great news for everyone, we have been long waiting

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Why you should Stop Using Hola?

RapidVPN/ January 13, 2016/ Blog/

Hola is an extension for chrome and Firefox users. That lets them access services like Netflix & Hulu for users outside of U.S.A. In other words it is a VPN device for users to bypass geo-blocked extension. It also has an app for android users. And moreover it is completely free!! Unlimited use, No restriction!! Sounds great right? WRONG.  

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Use a VPN | Save up to 70% on Car Rentals & Flights with USA VPN IP

RapidVPN/ January 3, 2016/ Blog/

Yes you read it right. With a USA VPN IP you can save up to 70% each time you fly, rent a car or hotel! Incredible isn’t it? Now you may ask: How? Why? Well in this post we are just going to talk about that. Why? Every business is about making profit & establish a name. To establish a

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