Use a VPN | Save up to 70% on Car Rentals & Flights with USA VPN IP

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Yes you read it right. With a USA VPN IP you can save up to 70% each time you fly, rent a car or hotel! Incredible isn’t it?
Now you may ask: How? Why? Well in this post we are just going to talk about that.
Every business is about making profit & establish a name. To establish a name companies provide special discounts to their customer. May it be first time customers or returning customers. This is a major tactic for companies such as airlines services & hotel booking services.

By giving special discounts to special customers (based on different region or location) Company attracts more customers. Sometimes they might give you deals impossible to believe. Such as free one way ticket. Or in our recording up to 70% of discount on car rentals.

Now this is a serious question one might ask. Who doesn’t like discounts?  But sadly this huge discounts aren’t for everyone. They are region specific. Mainly in regions where companies want more business to grow.

Now you might or might not be in this regions. But there is a way. It is called using USA VPN IP.

By using USA VPN IP you can hide your actual location and change it to anywhere in United States. We at RapidVPN provide various VPN with different IP. Mainly this offers are located in crowded areas such as NYC or NV.
Luckily we at RapidVPN provide many different location based VPN in U.S.


By using USA VPN IP you can surf and browse the internet as if you are in U.S.  So ultimately you can enjoy the offers and special discounts which are not available in your region.


There are hundreds of special discount & offers using USA VPN IP.

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