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What is the fastest and safest VPN protocol?

RapidVPN/ February 28, 2016/ Blog/

Finding a good VPN protocol is a very good idea if you want to make sure that your data is handled properly. When you use a VPN you want anonymity and security, so here is a glimpse at the most popular VPN protocols to help you figure out which one is the best for you! Open VPN Open VPN has

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Can VPN Protect Us From the NSA?

RapidVPN/ February 22, 2016/ Blog/

  The NSA (National Security Agency) is the branch of the United States government that is responsible for monitoring data that is transferred across the internet, among other things. The reason for this is to prevent any possible terrorist attacks or any sort of violent outbreaks across the nation. With this in mind, the NSA are constantly monitoring all of

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Does VPN Boost Your Internet Speed?

RapidVPN/ February 20, 2016/ Blog/

It is not uncommon for Internet Providers to limit your bandwidth speeds, but why do they do this? Internet Providers limit the bandwidth, regardless of the speeds that they pay for, of all of their clients during the peek times where the internet is used by more people than usual to prevent unfortunate incidents such as their servers crashing. They

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What is the Best VPN Location for Watching Netflix?

RapidVPN/ February 17, 2016/ Blog/

Over the last few years, Netflix has become a growing part of people’s lives. Instead of watching TV or renting a movie, people watch Netflix. However, due to licensing issues and copyright issues not everything is available on Netflix as they have to pay for each movie or show that they display, and they have to pay for this content

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How VPN can secure our data in Wi-Fi hotspots?

RapidVPN/ February 8, 2016/ Blog/

What Can We Do To Protect Our Privacy In Public Places? Free Wi-Fi would seem to have little downside. Smart business owners know that they need it and the up-side for them is without question.  It’s an inexpensive setup with cheap routers that can cover large areas. These very properties also make them great targets for hackers. I believe the

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Why Do I Need A Dedicated IP VPN?

RapidVPN/ February 6, 2016/ Blog/

It’s very early in the morning and I’m sat, staring out of the window at the most unbelievable rainstorm in The Philippines. My other half is sleeping peacefully and I’m trying to explain to her brother, who owns an Internet Café downstairs what I have learned recently about cyber-security and all the reasons why it’s becoming more and more important.

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5 Reasons You Should Have a VPN

RapidVPN/ February 4, 2016/ Blog/

Why Do I need A VPN? Being an Internet Manager on a cruise ship is a job I absolutely love. Not only do I get to travel the world and get paid for it but I also get to meet some very unique and interesting people along the way. This week, I met a very special, young Apple Employee (i’m

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