What is the fastest and safest VPN protocol?

RapidVPN/ February 28, 2016/ Blog/


Finding a good VPN protocol is a very good idea if you want to make sure that your data is handled properly. When you use a VPN you want anonymity and security, so here is a glimpse at the most popular VPN protocols to help you figure out which one is the best for you!

Open VPN

Open VPN has a very good encryption since it uses OpenSSL and at the same time, it integrates the Blowfish agent that makes it very hard for anyone to encrypt your content and traffic. Since it’s not included in any OS, Open VPN needs to be installed from a third party but the installation process is easy and secure. When it comes to speed Open VPN is very fast when it uses the default UDP protocol and it can surpass all the other protocols in this list when it comes to speed.

Open VPN can also be configured to run on any port you want using TCP or UDP. It’s also very stable and fast over wireless and there is no significant data loss to be found here. Since Open VPN has no major vulnerabilities many consider it to be the safest VPN protocol out there.


L2TP is encrypted using the IPSec protocol and it has a standard security. Since it encapsulates data two times in order to increase security it does lower the overall speed sometimes. L2TP also uses the port 1701 and that makes it easier to block since it’s easier to detect when compared to Open VPN for example. There are no major L2TP which make it secure and it’s also very stable as well.


Unlike L2TP and Open VPN, this one uses a weak encryption algorithm that makes it more prone to hacks and thus less secure. It can offer better speed performance when compared L2TP for example but it also relies on ports, this time it’s the port 1723. It’s also less stable and definitely a lot less secure when compared to the other aforementioned VPN protocols which is exactly what you need to focus on.


SoftEther integrates a basic SSL VPN which is quite secure and better than most of the others in this list. SoftEther tops PPTP and L2TP in terms of speed however it also relies on using a port however it does rival Open VPN when it comes to quality and that’s really important to know. SoftEther is widely known as being a very stable solution and while it does have a few minor security flaws it’s something that can easily be avoided.

In conclusion, each of these VPN protocols comes with its difficulties. Don’t hesitate and study each one individually in order to see which one is the best that suits your needs!