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Virtual Debit Cards: what are they and how do I get one?

RapidVPN/ April 27, 2018/ Blog/

A virtual debit card is like an invisible debit card because there is actually no plastic debit card issued to the client after purchase. When you apply for one of these cards, you will not get a debit card in the mail. However, you will get an email that details all of the card information. When your application is processed,

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The Era Of End-to-end Encryption In Chats

RapidVPN/ April 21, 2018/ Blog/

If you have the Whatsapp messenger on your phone, then at some point, while chatting with your friends, you should have come across a message that read, “Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption…” This article will shed light on this feature and what it does. End-to-end encryption (also known as E2EE for short or

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Stay Safe While Installing Chrome Browser Extensions

RapidVPN/ April 14, 2018/ Blog/

While Chrome browser extensions offer a great way to enjoy your browsing, they also have potential dangers that most people do not realize. The extensions are small tools that have access to almost all your online activities – they can capture passwords, cause advertisements to pop up on the web pages you visit, and track your web browsing. Meanwhile, most

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How to Download Torrent without Getting Caught

RapidVPN/ April 7, 2018/ Blog/

Are you searching for ways to download on Torrent sites without leaving traces or getting caught?  Are you afraid of getting discovered and tried for downloading copyrighted files on Torrent sites? Millions of people are torrenting daily to download their favorite movies, apps, software, files, etc. However, it is expedient to know that Torrent sites are not as safe as

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