How to Download Torrent without Getting Caught

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How to Download Torrent without Getting Caught

Are you searching for ways to download on Torrent sites without leaving traces or getting caught?  Are you afraid of getting discovered and tried for downloading copyrighted files on Torrent sites?

Millions of people are torrenting daily to download their favorite movies, apps, software, files, etc. However, it is expedient to know that Torrent sites are not as safe as they used to be; therefore, you need to be doubly sure that you are not discoverable with copyright holders snooping in on activities on the torrent sites. To properly cover your path and stay safe downloading torrents, read the tips below.

  1. Disable DHT

The Distributed Hash Table (DHT) stores the peers’ contact information or location. The purpose of DHT is to contact other nodes in the table to retrieve the location of peers to download from on a torrent site. So, when you leave it enabled, your information, in the form of the node, is not undisclosed as your node will be discovered in the loop. Disable DHT to stay safe when torrenting.

  1. Use Magnet

Magnet has become another safe way to download and share torrents without getting caught. The magnet is also referred to as magnet URLs. The magnet is a plain-text link, just copy and paste to download. You do not have to download a “.torrent” file again. You only have to make sure that your BitTorrent client is linked to it.

  1. Use a VPN

Virtual Private Network helps to hide your real IP by assigning a “fake” to you. There are several free VPNs online and there are paid ones as well. Never be in a hurry to download torrent without hiding your real IP.

  1. Do Not Seed after Download Has Finished

Not seeding after downloading from a torrent site is a violation of terms; however, it is better to stay safe. Seeding is uploading pieces of a file to others. After downloading, remove and delete the torrent from your system.

  1. Block Bad IPs

Copyright trolls or snoops join Torrent sites to grab IPs; so, their IP addresses are also available. Download and install a free program called PeerBlock to block known “bad” IPs such as companies, governments, and those IP addresses flagged for anti-p2p activities from connecting to you. PeerBlock is capable of blocking up to 700 bad IP addresses.

  1. Try Cloud Torrenting

Cloud torrenting is not only private but also secure and super-fast. Your torrents can be accessed on all devices without exposing your IP to anyone unlike when you torrent from the home that gets you exposed to the risk of P2P sharing.