Are employees the weakest link in the company’s cybersecurity?

RapidVPN/ August 7, 2020/ Blog/

According to many researchers, the weakest link in cybersecurity of a company it the occupant of the space between the chair and keyboard. It seems that the phishing attacks are actually on the uptick, so the employees are a bigger security weakness than any type of technological vulnerability. As a rule, it is human nature for effective employees throughout an

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Cybersecurity in the Age of AI

RapidVPN/ August 5, 2020/ Blog/

Our everyday life is getting affected by IT technology more and more. The use of the Internet has become an inseparable part of so many people’s personal affairs and business deals. With the rise of the cyberworld, the rise of cybercrime was inevitable. With the rise of cybercrime, cybersecurity became one of the most important issues for everyone. We are

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Emotet malware: Greta Thunberg as a lure

RapidVPN/ July 30, 2020/ Blog/

By the end of 2019, Emotet has started a new spam campaign that is luring people by using the popularity of environmental activist Greta Thunberg and her dedication to the climate movement. It seems that the users who think that they are being noted with the info about an upcoming “climate crisis” sort of demonstration, will instead find that they

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Could cloud storage be trusted?

RapidVPN/ July 25, 2020/ Blog/

The latest generation of cyber-attacks created an active underground economy, where stolen goods and illegal services are bought and sold in a ‘professional’ manner if there is such a thing as honor among thieves. Cyber crime now specializes in different “markets” that taken all together form the full criminal supply-chain. Because of this, cybercrime develops at a much faster rate.

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The relationship between cookies and cybersecurity

RapidVPN/ July 17, 2020/ Blog/

Usually, when you open a website you see a pop up that asks you to accept cookies. And more than usually, you tend to click yes. But do we know what we’re agreeing to? Cookies have been part of the Internet since the dawn of the world wide web, but they are still a mystery to some users. And most

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Guidelines to improve Cloud Security

RapidVPN/ July 15, 2020/ Blog/

Almost every business nowadays is using cloud services for most of their critical business applications. Some of the most popular include Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Adobe, Google G-Suite… and many more. Every business stores a ton of very sensitive data in the cloud, these days more than before. When it comes to Amazon, Google and Microsoft, it is sure

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Who are black and white hat hackers, and how do they differ?

RapidVPN/ July 10, 2020/ Blog/

The image that is created in the public’s mind is that hacking is inevitably a crime. Poorly socialized hackers lurk in basements across the globe and itch to access a bank account or steal identities. People that are more familiar with computer culture know that hacking like so many other things exists on a continuum. Not all hackers are inherently

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Are digital freebies nothing but a data-grab?

RapidVPN/ July 3, 2020/ Blog/

The issue of data misuse of 50 million people has become relevant after the cases of Cambridge Analytica research firms. There was an enormous amount of consumer data available that are valuable assets of companies. Customer loyalty cards, while rewarding shoppers with discounts and deals are one easy way for companies to collect data on a large scale. Retailers need

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A decade of hacking: Most important events

RapidVPN/ July 1, 2020/ Blog/

As a decade has ended, it is time for us to retake the view upon the most serious and devastating cyberattacks that have occurred. Since 2010, billions of different sensitive files, account details and personal information have been leaked due to terrible hacks and various damaging breaches. One thing is for sure: the size and impact of the attacks have

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A.I.type: Virtual keyboard app emerged as the biggest Android threat

RapidVPN/ June 26, 2020/ Blog/

The virtual keyboard app A.I.type, which has racked up 40 million downloads, has been found to sign up users to premium services without their consent. A.I.type is a customizable on-screen keyboard app for mobile devices that allows end-users to customize the keyboard to their personal preference. It also learns the user’s writing style over time, anticipating commonly used words and

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