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Coolest Home Security Gadgets Under $100

RapidVPN/ December 19, 2018/ Blog/

Looking for awesome home security gadgets under $100? Do you want to enhance the security of your home with high-quality security gadgets that are sold for not more than $100? Are you looking for ways to strengthen the safety of your house with top-of-the-range security materials? Do not search any further; the gadget below would improve the security of your

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6 Things to look for in a Hosting provider

RapidVPN/ December 13, 2018/ Blog/

Do you want to choose a hosting provider for your website and desire to know the factors to consider in order to select the most reliable one? What are the things to look for in a hosting provider you intend to subscribe to choose a hosting company? Do not stress out; the following are 6 things to look for in

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Best 5 Books On Privacy And Online Safety

RapidVPN/ December 6, 2018/ Blog/

With the level of cybercrime and threats to online security, it is expedient to learn how to enhance your privacy and online safety. There are several books on the market written by different authors of diverse backgrounds and professions bordering on information technology and cybersecurity. To update your knowledge about enhancing your internet privacy and online security, here are books

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