6 Things to look for in a Hosting provider

RapidVPN/ December 13, 2018/ Blog/

Do you want to choose a hosting provider for your website and desire to know the factors to consider in order to select the most reliable one? What are the things to look for in a hosting provider you intend to subscribe to choose a hosting company? Do not stress out; the following are 6 things to look for in a hosting provider.

  1. Security

Security is the most crucial factor to consider when you want to choose a hosting provider, especially if your site is an e-commerce site. Check to see if the provider has SSL encryption, spam protection, hack protection, and DDoS protection. Hosting providers usually outline these services in their plans. Consequently, verify if the hosting provider offers high-level security.


  1. Backup

A hosting provider to choose should provide regular backups to facilitate a restore process in case your site gets hacked or has an error due to programming or other types of errors. This is crucial, and it will enable you to recover almost all your information quickly. With backup facility, you would be able to recreate the website content and other information without hassles.


  1. Protection and Privacy

When choosing a hosting provider, you should be given assurance of security of data and information provided or exchanged on your website such that financial details of website visitors will be secure and used only for the intended purposes. There should be an assurance that your information and your clients’ personal and financial information is safe and protected.


  1. Storage and Bandwidth

What you intend to host on your website will determine the amount of storage and bandwidth you need for your site. How much storage you need depends on the size of the materials you put up on your site. Also, the bandwidth determines the speed at which information goes to and fro the website. Note that even if you are offered “unlimited bandwidth,” it does not mean it does not have a limit.


  1. Scalability

Does the hosting provider you want to use allow upgrading your plan in case your storage or bandwidth needs increase? You need to find out because of the likelihood of an increase in your requirements along the line. Everyone intends to grow their businesses; so, your plan may need to be increased. If the provider does not allow scalability, then it means that the provider cannot handle your growth.


  1. Customer Support

What is the response rate or time of the hosting provider? Is the support team responsive enough to cater to your need in times of emergency? Each minute that your website is down, you are losing money. So, how soon can you get the help you need it something happens to your site. Then what are the ways to contact the provider’s support team-live chat, email, telephone, etc.?