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Smartphone Security for Kids: Protect them Online

RapidVPN/ July 30, 2016/ Blog/

The internet is vast, with online content covering almost every topic imaginable. Such expansive information is usually great, however it also means that there is dangerous material just around the corner; much of which is very much adult focussed. As children are increasingly going online for school projects, as well as for gaming and shopping, they are at risk of

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4 Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship that you Need to Know About

RapidVPN/ July 27, 2016/ Blog/

The idea that others can control what you can and can’t see on the internet may be troubling, especially if that censorship is based on their political ideology or beliefs. Internet censorship goes on all over the world, and not just in countries where there are oppressive governmental regimens. For example in the workplace, and in schools, a lot of

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Bypassing Content Filters Let You See the Sites they Don’t Want You to See

RapidVPN/ July 20, 2016/ Blog/

The internet should enable us all to access unlimited data freely. However, in reality, there are many filters that work behind the scenes, and block users access to online content. For example some governments place content filters on websites to prevent people from within their country from seeing it. Thankfully, there are ways to bypass content filters so that you

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Get your Online Shopping for Cheaper by Bypassing Geo-blocked Sites

RapidVPN/ July 17, 2016/ Blog/

No matter what country you live in, everyone should all be able to buy products for the same price. Unfortunately there are numerous digital borders which mean that shoppers are restricted not only by what services they can access, and what products they can buy, but also by the prices that they are charged.   Due to the digital borders,

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Anonymous Browsing Tips: Take Back Your Privacy Online!

RapidVPN/ July 13, 2016/ Blog/

Our online privacy is constantly under attack. Companies, advertisers, and even the government want to know what we are up to when we are browsing the web and so have come up with ways to track our every online move. However, if you are keen to take back your privacy online there are numerous ways that you can increase your

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How to Bypass Internet Filters without a Proxy?

RapidVPN/ July 9, 2016/ Blog/

  Internet filters can be great because they can reduce time wastage by employees by preventing access to sites such as social media platforms, what is more, having uncensored access to the internet can be unsafe, for example for children or for companies who’s secure information could be put at risk if employees accessed certain sites. However, it can be

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5 Tips to Protect your Social Media Account from Hackers and Scammers

RapidVPN/ July 6, 2016/ Blog/

Social media is great for keeping in touch with friends, and staying up to date with the latest trends. However, social media is also an easy way for hackers and scammers to access our information. To help protect your account, here are 5 top tips:   Passwords are your most powerful protection tool A strong password is essential if you

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