Bypassing Content Filters Let You See the Sites they Don’t Want You to See

RapidVPN/ July 20, 2016/ Blog/

The internet should enable us all to access unlimited data freely. However, in reality, there are many filters that work behind the scenes, and block users access to online content. For example some governments place content filters on websites to prevent people from within their country from seeing it. Thankfully, there are ways to bypass content filters so that you can see the sites that they don’t want you to see. Read on to discover 3 ways how you can bypass the filters:


  1. VPN’s can hide your IP address and change your current location

VPN’s enable your computer to create an encrypted connection to a network via the internet. The connection sends your computers traffic can be sent over the VPN, and as a result your IP address is hidden. Depending on the VPN you use, you can change the apparent location of your computer, and as such access geo-restricted content.


  1. DNS-based filter dodging services are great for accessing geo-blocked websites

If you are keen to access geographically restricted websites such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix then your best bet is to use a DNS based service. By changing your DNS server address to that of the service, the service will do the hard work for you so that you will be able to connect to any site that you like and access all of the content available. However, most DNS services charge access fees and so that can be offputting for some users.


  1. Proxies enable you to bypass workplace content filters

Proxies are not as convenient as DNS services, and they do not encrypt data like a VPN, however, they can allow easy access to restricted sites at work without you needing to make any changes to the settings on your work computer. What is more, you can select which sites to use proxies for, and as such they are not an all or nothing option.


Always be careful if you choose to dodge online filters. Remember that the people that put the content filters in place are unlikely to be pleased if they find out that you have bypassed their carefully installed filters.