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4 methods to encrypt your files on Windows

RapidVPN/ March 31, 2018/ Blog/

One must do everything in their power to protect their private information from getting into the wrong hands. Hackers may eventually get in there but it is best to give them a challenge. Make them work for it. Encryption password protects these precious documents. It is important to remember that a paid version of encryption software is best. EFS Encrypted

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Dangers Of Using Cracked Applications

RapidVPN/ March 24, 2018/ Blog/

A “crack” is a file or series of files used to break into the security shield of a computer system or a computer software programs. This forced entry enables the intruder to gain restricted knowledge (like registration and copy-protection techniques) for profiteering or for other malicious intent. People who write crack files are essentially hackers. There are indeed many dangers

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Craziest hack stories from 2017

RapidVPN/ March 17, 2018/ Blog/

2017 was a year nothing seemed safe enough. Cyber-attacks hіghlіghtеd thе аlаrmіng vulnеrаbіlіtу of оur реrsоnаl іnfоrmаtіоn. Маnу tооls usеd bу gоvеrnmеnt hасkеrs bесаmе рublіс, аnd іt wаs еаsіеr thаn еvеr tо сrеаtе sорhіstісаtеd wауs tо sрrеаd mаlwаrе оr rаnsоmwаrе оr steal data from companies. Companies also frequently fail to patch security flaws in a timely manner. This write-up is

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Cyber Crime Regulations: Worldwide Overview

RapidVPN/ March 9, 2018/ Blog/

Some interesting facts released by the United Nations Conference On Trade and Development (UNCTAD) global mapping for legislations against cyber crime reveal that many more countries, even in Asia and Africa, are giving priority to the issue of cyber crime. A total of 107 countries now have a data protection and privacy legislation measures in full place. It becomes obvious

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In-Browser Cryptocurrency Miners: what are they, what do they do?

RapidVPN/ March 2, 2018/ Blog/

Understanding In-browser Cryptomining It used to be that the calculations involved, the scholarly qualifications needed to set up and run special equipment and the cost of the electricity needed to carry out the work of cryptomining were too complex for the average PC and the average Joe to deal with, making bitcoin mining an impossible task. But not anymore.  

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