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Top 5 Most Terrible Social Media Cyber Attacks

RapidVPN/ November 29, 2017/ Blog/

Social media sites have gained a massive popularity across the globe. It is estimated that there are more than 300 million active users in the world today. To cybercriminals, this is a goldmine that they use to achieve their heinous activities such as steal confidential information from unsuspecting social media users. Here are the top 5 most terrible social media

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4 Essential Security Tips Every Informational Security Department Must Practice

RapidVPN/ November 26, 2017/ Blog/

With the globalization of technology came the imminent threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches.  However, the nature, impact, and frequency of these attacks have rapidly changed in the recent past. For instance, hackers have the first time been able to stage and execute national and regional hacks with an unprecedented level of precision and ease. Such acts have this put

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Understanding Key Reinstallation Attacks on Wi-Fi Networks

RapidVPN/ November 19, 2017/ Blog/

Despite what you have been led to believe, Wi-Fi networks have flaws that hackers manipulate to track your internet traffic. For the past 14 years, Wi-Fi networks were thought to be secure, but researchers have found a flaw in the modern techniques used for encryption. The researchers say that when a hacker is within range of your Wi-Fi network, they

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How to trust an ICO (Cryptocurrency)? The ways that we can trust an ICO?

RapidVPN/ November 16, 2017/ Blog/

Cryptocurrencies are all the range in the modern world. You can use it to tip a content creator, buy goods and services on e-commerce sites, as well as pay for a pizza. Since 2009 when Bitcoin came into the limelight, other cryptocurrencies have surfaced and though Bitcoin remains the most popular. With cryptocurrency startups finding it hard to get funding

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Information Security in 2018

RapidVPN/ November 9, 2017/ Blog/

Information and growth are intertwined as business become more reliant on the benefits of the cyber world. Security of information is an essential part of corporate operations, but sadly, most companies are lagging behind in drafting and implementing strategies needed to secure their data. For companies to compete favorably in the modern business environment, the leaders must take measures to

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Data Protection: Past, Present, Future

RapidVPN/ November 5, 2017/ Blog/

Data is at the center stage of business innovation, and corporates need to protect their information at all costs. If your competitors were to get their hands on your customer data or information on your next product and service, they would use it to get rid of you. However, information security has come a long way and companies are now

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4 Recent Threats to Your Mobile Device That You Need To Know

RapidVPN/ November 2, 2017/ Blog/

When the apps and system on your device start behaving strangely or there is unexplained data usage, then your device has been compromised. In a recent study, less than 40% of the population with smart mobile devices secures their mobile devices, and the remaining 60% is a cyber attacker’s wet dream. Here are four recent threats to your mobile device

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