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Are employees the weakest link in the company’s cybersecurity?

RapidVPN/ April 3, 2020/ Blog/

According to many researchers, the weakest link in cybersecurity of a company it the occupant of the space between the chair and keyboard. It seems that the phishing attacks are actually on the uptick, so the employees are a bigger security weakness than any type of technological vulnerability. As a rule, it is human nature for effective employees throughout an

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Proxy vs VPN: advantages and disadvantages

RapidVPN/ March 27, 2020/ Blog/

What makes a person truly anonymous and leaves next to no trace on the internet? In further reading, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Proxy vs VPN. A well-known fact is that the Internet is a huge and extremely important part of our lives these days. But it is also true that surveillance became more probing than ever,

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Coronavirus malware scam

RapidVPN/ March 21, 2020/ Blog/

Coronavirus malware scam It is a predictable fact that cybercriminals will often take advantage of trending topics in the news, such as is now coronavirus, and they would try and prey on consumers using fear and urgency tactics. Cybercriminals of all stripes are taking advantage of the coronavirus scare, and some of those scams are a direct threat to banks

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Emotet malware: Greta Thunberg as a lure

RapidVPN/ March 13, 2020/ Blog/

By the end of 2019, Emotet has started a new spam campaign that is luring people by using the popularity of environmental activist Greta Thunberg and her dedication to the climate movement. It seems that the users who think that they are being noted with the info about an upcoming “climate crisis” sort of demonstration, will instead find that they

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SIEM – A Detailed Explanation

RapidVPN/ March 6, 2020/ Blog/

SIEM products and services combine Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM). SIEM is sold as software and is used to log security data or to generate reports for different compliance purposes. SIEM has evolved from a few different technologies that came before this one. The list includes: SLM/SEM (Security Log/Event Management) that has been generated towards security

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Public Disclosures: What happens when we shine a light on hackers?

RapidVPN/ February 28, 2020/ Blog/

A widely known truth is that cyber-threat activity has become the increasingly common topic of discussion in social media, and generally in society. It is mainly because of public disclosures, which highly help to shine a light on the world of malware and hacking on the internet. But the real question is: what is the impact of the disclosures on

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Guidelines to improve Cloud Security

RapidVPN/ February 21, 2020/ Blog/

Almost every business nowadays is using cloud services for most of their critical business applications. Some of the most popular include Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Adobe, Google G-Suite… and many more. Every business stores a ton of very sensitive data in the cloud, these days more than before. When it comes to Amazon, Google and Microsoft, it is sure

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Is the nuclear industry protected from cyberattacks?

RapidVPN/ February 12, 2020/ Blog/

It the current world situation, it seems that nuclear power plants, like any other critical infrastructure, are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. The situation is rather dim – it is indicated that this is the second-highest level of threat. The usual long-held notion was that the nuclear industry is highly protected from cyber intrusion. But, the situation has changed

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How Can Local Governments Upgrade Their Defenses?

RapidVPN/ January 31, 2020/ Blog/

As years pass by, and cyberattacks become more sophisticated, government agencies should ensure that they follow the best practices to keep their systems safe. The infrastructure of state and local agencies is usually in a state in which governments deploy citizen-facing apps at scale; they use them to leverage digital platforms to manage the utilities such as water and electricity,

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Technology’s Disruptive Potential

RapidVPN/ January 24, 2020/ Blog/

The list of new technologies is growing every day, and even though not every emerging technology has the ability to change the business or social landscape, some of them certainly have the potential to alter the way people live and work. Therefore, it is crucial that business and other leaders understand the way in which certain technologies will matter to

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