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10 vulnerabilities as temptation targets for malicious actors

RapidVPN/ May 30, 2019/ Blog/

Mass hacking of Word Press sites is in progress through related post plugins also known as “yuzo-related- post” and “YelowPencil” plugin putting thousands of sites at risk. Also, in the last few weeks, flaws were discovered in other plugins. Here is the complete list: Related Posts (yuzo – related – post) YellowPencil Visual CSS Style Editor (waspthemes-yellow-pencil) Yuzo Related Posts

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Cyber-crime: scandal

RapidVPN/ May 23, 2019/ Blog/

Ever since the beginning of the internet, the fear of teenage hackers prevailed. It seems that the damage that kids can do is far more dangerous and serious than one would dare to think of. In order to understand this fear, it’s enough for a person to remember the disasters that were caused by, the infamous website launched by

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Everything you need to know about Airplane In-flight Wi-Fi

RapidVPN/ May 16, 2019/ Blog/

Internet access has become an indispensable part of our lives that it is almost unthinkable that we can not access it wherever we are. But what if we travel by plane and find ourselves at 30,000 feet? It can be quite frustrating when you need to switch your devices off on airplanes especially on long flights. The good news is

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The psychology behind passwords

RapidVPN/ May 9, 2019/ Blog/

Towards the end of every year experts usually make research in order to see the behavior of users of different devices. One of the most common and intriguing subjects for them is human behavior towards password creating and general use of passwords. It is proven through the years that peoples’ choices of passwords are usually highly hackable despite the years

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Internet Phishing: There’s always something phishy going on

RapidVPN/ May 3, 2019/ Blog/

You must have heard about the term “phishing” – an attempt by a malicious person or a group of individuals to deceive users to give out sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, credit card details, etc.  You may have heard many examples of such fraud that you thought you would never fall for one of those scams, but think again.

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Software updates and patches and their importance

RapidVPN/ April 26, 2019/ Blog/

It seems that when people get an alert that it’s time to update operating systems and computer software – it always happens at inopportune times. Putting downloading off until the next day, sometimes even next week or month – because of some other more important things in their life that need to be finished right then, and that is when

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Don’t fall for this iCloud scam

RapidVPN/ April 18, 2019/ Blog/

In recent years, the scams that have been attacking Apple users grew in danger and damage they can do. Victims are often not even aware that they have been misled and fallen into a dangerous threat that those scams exploit. It often starts with a phone call, a simple phone call claiming to be from Apple, and giving you the

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The first line of defense: Internet security consultant

RapidVPN/ April 11, 2019/ Blog/

The concept of cybersecurity is the increasingly familiar one for everyone – including public, industry, governments etc. It’s the market that keeps growing, particularly because of the increased amount of all sort of hacker attacks. Cybersecurity is not a simple thing, it’s actually a wider discipline that includes information assurance, IT security and how-to-plan of defense against web-based and electronic

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This physical key secures your digital life

RapidVPN/ April 4, 2019/ Blog/

Over the past decades, the development of technology has allowed us to improve our physical world. The emergence of the Internet has led to the fact that digital life has become an indispensable part of our physical lives. Most of us use the Internet in multiple ways, for online banking, buying goods, socializing, business, communicating, researching and marketing.  It is

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Google Play store apps, used by millions, are filled with malware

RapidVPN/ March 28, 2019/ Blog/

Creating fake accounts in order to transfer viruses onto people’s computers, phones and tablets – through various applications, is nothing new on the internet scene. However, as the hackers grew more sly and devious, they find ways of breaking into even the most protected Google’s Store. Once they infected certain Play Store’s apps, the game begins. Android users were not

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