4 Essential Security Tips Every Informational Security Department Must Practice

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With the globalization of technology came the imminent threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches.  However, the nature, impact, and frequency of these attacks have rapidly changed in the recent past. For instance, hackers have the first time been able to stage and execute national and regional hacks with an unprecedented level of precision and ease. Such acts have this put information security engineers across the globe on high alert.

Cause of the mass scale data breach

Some professionals attribute the constant data breaches to the rapid rise of Hybrid IT that makes traditional practices obsolete. Others associate it with the adoption of hacking and unauthorized information system penetration as a profession. However, while the two have played a crucial role in dismantling the global internet security, more emphasis should be laid on the outdated systems and applications still in use by different organizations. Most of these contain unpatched entry points within the software and site development from where hackers can execute mass attacks.

Security measures an IT department head should practice

Cleanse the software procurement policy

One of the leading methods through which a hacker can gain access to information systems is through the installation of corrupted software into the institutional network. You, therefore, need to clean up the software procurement and installation process within the network by instigating compliance policies.

Keep up with the information security trends

Research widely about the current cybersecurity trends especially content relating to information security threats and how to defend your system. Follow expert opinions on detection of system intrusion and response.

Train your IT personnel

Train and encourage the IT personnel within your department of the need to remain conscious of the different security threats facing the organization. Educate them on how to monitor system vulnerability as well as how to detect intrusion and compromise, as well as appropriate responses to different attacks.

Educate network and system end-users

Educate organizational employees and other system end users of the various ways through which hackers can manipulate them into gaining access to the system, primarily through spammy emails or infected personal gadgets. Inform them of the need to avoid connecting personal devices to system hardware or opening suspicious content on the content.

Bottom line

As noted in an article posted on Info Security, The information security landscape keeps changing. As a department head charged with keeping the company’s sensitive information secure, it is up to you to research extensively on the different system security measures about how to keep the organization safe as well as pass on this information to everyone with access to the system.