Anonymous Browsing Tips: Take Back Your Privacy Online!

RapidVPN/ July 13, 2016/ Blog/

Our online privacy is constantly under attack. Companies, advertisers, and even the government want to know what we are up to when we are browsing the web and so have come up with ways to track our every online move. However, if you are keen to take back your privacy online there are numerous ways that you can increase your anonymity. Here are 4 of the best anonymous browsing tips:


  1. Manage cookies

Cookies are used to track our browsing habits when online. Companies, such as advertisers use the information from cookies to keep tabs on what sites we visit, and then send us information about products and services related to our popular online searches. To prevent companies building profiles of our online activities it is possible to turn off tracking cookies- totally recommended as it is easy and most web browsers offer this.


  1. Using a VPN to change your IP address

If online privacy is a top priority for you, and it should be, then consider using a VPN to change your IP address. By doing so, your online traffic will be indecipherable which will mean that prying eyes are prevented from seeing your online activities.


  1. Using anonymous search tactics

Web browsers like Google are big providers of online tracking. This is great for making online searches easier for you, but it can also lead to companies accessing information about your browsing history. There are browsers that offer anonymity when online and they promise that your online searches are not tracked.


  1. Stop sharing so much on social media

Social media is great for keeping up to date with friends and family, however social platforms are also an easy way for companies to know where we are, what we are doing and what things we like. In order to increase your online anonymity it is important that you stop sharing so much. One easy way to do this is by turning off your location data which can be done on most browsers, and by using a VPN.