Coolest Home Security Gadgets Under $100

RapidVPN/ December 19, 2018/ Blog/

Looking for awesome home security gadgets under $100? Do you want to enhance the security of your home with high-quality security gadgets that are sold for not more than $100? Are you looking for ways to strengthen the safety of your house with top-of-the-range security materials? Do not search any further; the gadget below would improve the security of your home.


  1. Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controller ($59.98 on Amazon)

The garage is one of the areas at home that its security must be enhanced with quality gadgets. Knowing that people of the underworld can gain entry into the house through the garage, you can install Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controller. It is a gadget that would notify you whenever you leave the door of your garage open after you have opened, closed or left the door open.

The gadget can be controlled through smartphones (iOS or Android), and it can be classified.


  1. Blink Home Security Camera ($66.99 on Amazon)

This is a security camera that can be connected through the existing WiFi network to provide live feeds of up to 720p video to iOS and Android devices. The camera runs on two AA batteries making it easy to be placed anywhere. It is easy to use and one of the cheapest indoor security camera on the market.


  1. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm ($99 on Amazon)

Every home has a smoke alarm, which can be frustrating sometimes when you are coming a piece of bacon or food that had a higher level of smoke. This smoke alarm can be controlled with your smartphone. However, it is highly effective with an 85dB horn and a red pulsing LED. On detecting smoke, it will trigger a voice alarm with location information.


  1. LITOM 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor ($69.99 on Amazon)

These 24 LED lights provide your outdoor with illumination. The light has a motion sensor and lights up for 20 seconds when motion is detected at night. It lights up to about 270 degrees wide angle deck with the capacity of reaching 200 square feet. It is best suited for illuminating the front door, garage, yard, and driveway. It converts sunlight into electricity saving you money on the energy bill.


Enhance your safety with these cool should secure gadgets that cost not more than $100. Live rest assured of your security with efficient gadgets you can purchase and install without any difficulties.