A decade of hacking: Most important events

RapidVPN/ January 15, 2020/ Blog/

As a decade has ended, it is time for us to retake the view upon the most serious and devastating cyberattacks that have occurred. Since 2010, billions of different sensitive files, account details and personal information have been leaked due to terrible hacks and various damaging breaches. One thing is for sure: the size and impact of the attacks have

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Russia is creating its independent Internet

RapidVPN/ December 26, 2019/ Blog/

Thanks to a law signed by President Vladimir Putin, Russia aims to create a “Sovereign Internet” effectively a parallel web run entirely on Russian servers. That would allow Moscow to keep the Internet operating in the event of a foreign cyberattack aimed at disabling it. To do so, Internet providers will be required to install equipment which Russia could use

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Indian bank cards are up for sale on the dark web

RapidVPN/ December 17, 2019/ Blog/

A huge database holding more than 1.3 million credit and debit card records were uploaded on darknet on October 28. According to the researchers, most of these records belong to the customers of Indian banks and the underground market value of the database is estimated at more than $130 million. The cybersecurity company behind this sensational revelation is Singapore sited

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Could cloud storage be trusted?

RapidVPN/ December 6, 2019/ Blog/

The latest generation of cyber attacks created an active underground economy, where stolen goods and illegal services are bought and sold in a ‘professional’ manner if there is such a thing as honor among thieves. Cybercrime now specializes in different “markets” that taken all together form the full criminal supply-chain. Because of this, cybercrime develops at a much faster rate.

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A.I.type: Virtual keyboard app emerged as the biggest Android threat

RapidVPN/ November 28, 2019/ Blog/

The virtual keyboard app A.I.type, which has racked up 40 million downloads, has been found to sign up users to premium services without their consent. A.I.type is a customizable on-screen keyboard app for mobile devices that allows end-users to customize the keyboard to their personal preference. It also learns the user’s writing style over time, anticipating commonly used words and

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5th and 6th Generation of cyberattacks

RapidVPN/ November 23, 2019/ Blog/

In the last quarter of the century, cyberattacks and security protection have advanced rapidly. And of the 15 largest data breaches in history, 10 took place in the past decade. Each involved the theft of tens or hundreds of millions of records — such as login credentials, financial information, or personal data — adding up to nearly 4 billion records

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Are digital freebies nothing but a data-grab?

RapidVPN/ November 8, 2019/ Blog/

The issue of data misuse of 50 million people has become relevant after the cases of Cambridge Analytica research firms. There was an enormous amount of consumer data available that are valuable assets of companies. Customer loyalty cards, while rewarding shoppers with discounts and deals are one easy way for companies to collect data on a large scale. Retailers need

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Brainwave-reading devices: privacy, security, discrimination, and manipulation

RapidVPN/ October 24, 2019/ Blog/

Whether humans will be telepathic soon and what implications the brain-hacking devices will have on the human species is a question that is engaging scientists in many fields. Who could dispose of human thoughts? Will personal ideas be a company resource or will connecting the brain to different types of devices enhance individuals and the entire human society? How close

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The end of biometric security

RapidVPN/ October 17, 2019/ Blog/

Like any information, biometric information is only as secure as the system that protects it. Biometric information has nothing inherent that makes it more secure than any data. However, stolen biometric information can be difficult to use, which makes an impression of stronger security. Traditional passwords are something you know. Biometric features are something you are. Fingerprints, iris scans, voice

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A scope into Austrian election hacking

RapidVPN/ October 10, 2019/ Blog/

Austrian conservative leader Sebastian Kurz is heading back to power in Vienna, finishing election after a slide in support for the country’s far-right. Exit polls suggest the 33-year-old’s People’s Party (ÖVP) finished with nearly 37 percent, up nearly six points on the last election in 2017. His coalition options are open after the populist Freedom Party (FPÖ), his former partner,

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