This physical key secures your digital life

RapidVPN/ April 4, 2019/ Blog/

Over the past decades, the development of technology has allowed us to improve our physical world. The emergence of the Internet has led to the fact that digital life has become an indispensable part of our physical lives. Most of us use the Internet in multiple ways, for online banking, buying goods, socializing, business, communicating, researching and marketing.  It is

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Google Play store apps, used by millions, are filled with malware

RapidVPN/ March 28, 2019/ Blog/

Creating fake accounts in order to transfer viruses onto people’s computers, phones and tablets – through various applications, is nothing new on the internet scene. However, as the hackers grew more sly and devious, they find ways of breaking into even the most protected Google’s Store. Once they infected certain Play Store’s apps, the game begins. Android users were not

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Email validation company exposes over 800 million records

RapidVPN/ March 20, 2019/ Blog/

An unprotected MongoDB database belonging to a marketing tech company exposed over 800 million records. The discovery was made by security researchers Bob Diachenko and Vinny Troia. The database, owned by the email validation firm, was taken offline the same day Diachenko reported it and the company website is currently inaccessible. The owner of the company and the legal

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Beware of stolen domain names

RapidVPN/ March 14, 2019/ Blog/

Domain Hijacking is the most common form of theft these days, as many of the companies which have suffered from this crime noticed. It is a form of theft in which the attacker takes access of a domain name without the real consent of the original owner. There are many reasons why hijacking can happen but some of them include

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7 ways small businesses can protect themselves against DDoS attacks

RapidVPN/ March 7, 2019/ Blog/

Small business companies often assume that they are not the targets for Internet attacks or online frauds or the most dangerous DDoS attacks. But nearly half of cybercriminals target exactly small businesses. So, cybersecurity should also be the main concern for small companies and it’s something business owners should pay attention to. What lulls the small company owners into the

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Biometrics Role in Digital Security

RapidVPN/ February 28, 2019/ Blog/

Biometrics – the most important metrics related to human features. Nowadays, biometrics entered the world of technology and represents it’s cutting edge. Almost everybody heard of it – because they are everywhere, including our laptops, desktop computers, smartphones. Biometrics can include a number of things, such as – fingerprints scanners, recognition of eye irises, behavioral characteristics. Their most important features

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7 Cybersecurity trends that you can’t afford to ignore

RapidVPN/ February 21, 2019/ Blog/

Last year was full of cybersecurity disasters, and what is the most certain thing is that as cyberspace houses a treasure-trove of all kinds of sensitive information – political and commercial information being the center of it – we are going to see more cyber attacks and disasters in 2019. Cyberwars As a number of cyber attacks that were issued

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What is dedicated IP (Static IP) VPN

RapidVPN/ February 16, 2019/ Blog/

What is an IP Address? IP means ‘Internet Protocol,’ and it refers to a unique address given to each computer that connects to a particular network. What is a VPN? A VPN means virtual private network, which is more or less a “simulated” private network extended across a public network. It allows users to surf the internet as if they

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Internet Censorship – Part 4: (outlook, how it can look like)

RapidVPN/ February 8, 2019/ Blog/

In Part 3 of this series, various methods that can be used to beat internet censorship were considered, and users can gain access to the internet. In this part, the outlook of internet censorship despite will be examined.   Internet censorship is a battle that is gradually losing its ground. While the government uses a plethora of technologies to prevent

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Internet Censorship – Part 3: (methods to fight back censorship)

RapidVPN/ January 31, 2019/ Blog/

In Part 2 of this series, different technologies used by the government to make sure that internet censorship happens were discussed. In this edition, methods by which internet censorship can be circumvented will be examined.   Can internet censorship be fought and bypassed? How and what methods can be used to avoid the limitations imposed by the grips of internet

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