Does VPN Boost Your Internet Speed?

RapidVPN/ February 20, 2016/ Blog/

It is not uncommon for Internet Providers to limit your bandwidth speeds, but why do they do this? Internet Providers limit the bandwidth, regardless of the speeds that they pay for, of all of their clients during the peek times where the internet is used by more people than usual to prevent unfortunate incidents such as their servers crashing.

They do this so that their services to not overload and have a noticeable impact, where as if they were to leave it without limiting people, then the servers that they use are more liable to crashing thus causing a mass outage and possibly damaging a large number of their servers. This would stop their customers from connecting to the internet, and costing the company a huge amount of money to repair. This of course would be impractacle to do every day.

Another reason for your Internet Provider to limit your bandwidth is if you are using an excessive amount of bandwidth. Most providers tend to limit your monthly usage to around 500GB (even though the advertise that you have an unlimited amount of bandwidth). This was initially because they thought that if they were to find out which internet users were using more than the cap that they had set, then it would help cut down and find people who torrent illegal files. In this situation, if you were to use VPN then your data would not be detected and you would be able to go above this limit without your Internet Provider stopping you.

With all of this in mind, some people who have lower internet speeds that already struggle with how slow it may be, will be additionally affected by the limiting that is put in to play by the monopoly of Internet Providers.

So back to the question, can VPN actually boost your internet speed? Taking in to account that all of your data is transferred through your ISP (who tend to limit how fast that data travels) and that your average VPN would not limit that speed, it is possible that VPN can boost your speed and allow you to download and upload files at a faster rate.

Now, because VPN will have to go through the process of encrypting the data that you send and decrypting the data that you receive, technically your speeds would decrease. Although if we take in to account that VPN removes the bandwidth limits that your ISP enforce, it results in faster speeds overall. These speeds may be only slightly noticeable sometimes but there is no downside to having faster speeds!

If you have decided to invest in VPN purely because you wish for an increase in your bandwidth speeds, it may not be the best choice! You would have more luck in changing your Internet Provider or changing the package that you have with your current Internet Provider, which would guarantee an increase in speeds.