Why you should Stop Using Hola?

RapidVPN/ January 13, 2016/ Blog/

Hola is an extension for chrome and Firefox users. That lets them access services like Netflix & Hulu for users outside of U.S.A.

In other words it is a VPN device for users to bypass geo-blocked extension. It also has an app for android users. And moreover it is completely free!! Unlimited use, No restriction!!

Sounds great right? WRONG.


Let us show you how.

Recently during testing of the application one android coder found that Hola uses free users as botnets and sells their bandwidth to Premium users.


What do we mean?

Hola just works similar to Tor, Peer to Peer tunneling app. However it is not true VPN. Hola just redirects your traffic to other user’s browser or to a server.

No encryption is found whatsoever. Thus all your data is compromised!

Moreover Hola sells free user’s bandwidth against their will. Unlike Tor there is no option on Hola to turn of this feature. So if some user does something wrong, you will be caught & penalized.

But that’s not it!

But the reasons why you should stop using Hola are not limited to these.

One other reason would be no protection or encryption of your data.

Some reports have shown that hackers use Hola on their computers to steal data of other users. Many have been victims of theft due to Hola.

So is this the end of World?

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