4 Free Online Security Tools to use with a VPN

RapidVPN/ August 6, 2016/ Blog/

Online security is essential if you want to keep your personal information secure and your children safe. However, some online security tools can be pretty pricey. Thankfully, there are free online security tools available, and if you use them in conjunction with a VPN then you will be able to increase your online protection and prevent malicious cyber attacks. Read on to find out about 4 of the best online security tools available for free:

  1. Password managers

Strong passwords are essential if you are serious about staying safe when online. However, remembering lots of numbers, letters and symbols can be tricky, especially when we have to remember multiple passwords for different sites. Password managers can help you out by creating passwords that are strong and hard to crack, and by storing every single password so that you don’t have to.


  1. Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection and is a great way to increase your security when online. When you (or an online criminal) tries to use a new device to log in to a password secured site such as Facebook another password will be needed to log on. This extra one time only password is part of the two factor authentication process and is sent via a text or email. The password has to be inputted before any access is granted via the new device. Two factor authentication is a great way to prevent hackers accessing your information if they steal your passwords from other accounts, or by watching you log in.


  1. Data breaches

Checking if you have suffered a data breach is a simple process that can give you the opportunity to resolve any hacking events. Although this is a reactive approach, it can prevent hackers from getting any more information from you. Detecting data breaches can also help you to know where your online security is lacking, and so what you need to improve. There are a number of good sites online that are free and will enable you to see if any breaches have occurred.


  1. Browser extensions and add ons

Web browsers are in a constant battle for having the best online security, and although there are some that are better than others, you can increase the safety of your browser, no matter which one it is by using browser extensions and add ons. These free security tools can prevent problems from happening by stopping the harmful content from ever reaching your browser. A couple of great examples of browser extensions and add ons include AdBlock which prevents adverts and harmful malware, and Script Safe which prevents plugins from being executed- unless you say that they are safe.