5 Tips for Protecting the Elderly from Online Threats

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5 Tips for Protecting the Elderly from Online Threats

Internet being one of the most reliable sources of information, it is used by all age groups as the primary source of information nowadays. The cyber criminals have realized that the elderly are not upbeat with the latest cyber crime tactics and often try to defraud them.

Here are five tips on how you can protect the elderly from online threats.

Install Security Software

The advanced computer software has a superior internet security feature that is tailored to protect users from cybercriminals as they browse the internet. According to Senior Advisor, installing such software in the computers that the elderly are accustomed to using will help protect them from online threats. More importantly, make sure that the auto-update feature is activated to ensure that the software is always updated.

Education and Awareness

The complex tech terms are difficult to comprehend for most senior persons in the society. It is recommended to spend time with them explaining the meaning of these terminologies in a language that they best understand. Let them know that digital assets such as online bank accounts and personal information need to be protected just like the physical ones.

Secure their Wi-Fi Network

An unsecured Wi-Fi network can be accessed by anyone who has an internet-enabled device and used to monitor his or her browsing habits. Also, cyber criminals have the ability to use the network to access personal information from the computer. An article posted on Consumer Information Federal Trade Commission, it is imperative to make sure that their Wi-Fi network is always secured with a strong password to cushion them from such unfortunate incidents.

Embrace the Use of Passwords

The elderly need to understand the importance of keeping their personal information private by securing it using a password. Well, a simple to remember password could be ideal for them, but it can predispose them to numerous online threats. Based on this fact, it is recommended to create unique and strong passwords that cannot be easily cracked. Motivate them to memorize and update them regularly to stay safe.

Install Silent Patches

Needless to say, frequent pop-ups can become a nuisance and create unnecessary irritation to the seniors as they browse the internet. To jump this hurdle, you can install several silent patches on the computer to update the system programs automatically and without bothering the users.

These are the five surefire ways of protecting the elderly from online threats. Be sure to teach them how to stay safe while online continuously, as cyber criminals are keen on coming up with new ways of hacking private computers.