5 iPhone Security Hacks That Will Save You From a Headache

RapidVPN/ October 4, 2016/ Blog/

Your iPhone is probably your closest friend. You cannot live without it, you go everywhere with it, you consult it for ideas; it has become part of you. However, how serious have you been with the security of your phone? I know you have a password, what else? To save you from any hacking headaches consider the following tips.


Use a VPN

VPN sends all your internet transactions through a tunnel that keeps you anonymous regardless of the network you are using. Any time you use a public network like a public Wi-Fi, you set yourself up for hackers using the same network. These hackers can easily steal your private information like financial data. A VPN will offer you complete protection for your iPhone and enable you to connect to any public network securely.


Do not allow apps to access your location

Most applications on your iPhone, like weather apps, Facebook, Twitter, shopping apps, Maps, and several others typically request for your location when you first download and utilize them. It is, therefore, easy for you to allow access without much thought and/or because it will be convenient for you. Most people do it. Always ensure you do not permit sharing your location with these apps because it exposes you.


Use two layers of authentication

Like your home, where you have a key and lock, an alarm system, CCTV cameras and probably much more, set multiple layers of protection to your iPhone. When you sign into your Apple account page, choose two-step verification and then follow appropriate steps while answering your security queries.


Disable lock screen information

Unless you disable your lock screen pop-ups in your iPhone, anyone can see them no matter how secure your phone is. From event reminders, text messages, emails, and other notifications that are private, these notifications can be easily seen by an onlooker. You will increase your phone safety when you disable these pop-ups.


Create an alphanumeric password

You know that you need a password as a golden rule. It is advisable to have an alphanumeric four digit password. This means that you use a combination of numbers, letters, and signs. Go to passcode options, and then select a custom alphanumeric passcode. This will allow you to choose a passcode of your choice.


Although the above tips will help you keep your iPhone secure, you will need to be strict to ensure that you safeguard your iPhone data.