You are not SAFE ! Why you should worry about TPP?

RapidVPN/ November 14, 2015/ Blog/

TPP Stands for The Trans-Pacific Partnership. Probably biggest & scariest partnership up to this date. It is a top secret international trade agreement. Although this agreement is said to be very classified certain chapters of it has been leaked via WikiLeaks. Below we will explain why this is a big deal and why you should be worried about it.

As per WikiLeaks this deal was struck between some high powered nongovernment organizations backed by some governments. If this Partnership is in action, days of internet privacy are over! ISPs will have to keep a log of everything done by you online.

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What now?

Although TPP was not entirely created to destroy your internet privacy, instead it was created with a good spirit to improve trade relations, stop online piracy & better copyright protections for the countries which are involved in this trade (United States, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Peru, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mexico, and Brunei.) there is still a bit of hope left. Virtual Private Network (VPN) to learn more about vpn & securing your privacy head over to our website @ Rapidvpn.

According to WikiLeaks this will be the largest trade ever made in history of Internet including more than a billion people all around the world.

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