What activities should I use a VPN for?

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A  Virtual Private Network is basically many computers connected together or many groups of computers linked together. These computers serve various purposes, some of which are increased speed of internet, reduced costs for organizations & the most important of all is increased security.

Nowadays VPN is as important as your internet service itself. Before we dive more in to this post and explore the gigantic world of productive tasks you can perform using a VPN service, let’s first see how a VPN works!
How it works?

You fire up a vpn software for your computer or mobile (such as one provided by us at rapidvpn.com), than you log in with your credentials, our severs will verify & approve the connection with your device. Now that you have successfully connected to our servers internet activity of whole device is encrypted & secured. Which cannot be identified by anyone else, May it be your internet provider or a highly skilled hacker.

“In a Nutshell VPN secures your device’s internet connection by encrypting it.”





So having said that now one can understand why it is so important for large organizations and individual to use a VPN to protect against cyber threats and identity theft or similar attacks.
Activities you can perform with a VPN.
There are vast variety of unique tasks you can perform according to your personal needs. Here are a few, but possibilities are endless.

Super-fast, cheap & ad free Internet: Using a vpn service such as rapidvpn you can compress your traffic and save massive amount of bandwidth, cache files for lightning fast internet and reduce page response timing. Remove ads and malicious website, increasing overall experience of internet.

Increase profit of your business: By using our services you can increase security of your organization, reduce phone charges, lower support costs, increase quality and productivity of your services. Detailed explanation can be found on our website @ rapidvpn.com
Surf anonymously & decrease monitoring: If you use a vpn no one can track your internet activity or your location. Only your vpn provider can see your activity if they keep a log. But no one else can see it. At rapidvpn we do not keep any kinds of logs so you can relax about it.

So with a vpn you can download & access whatever you want legal or illegal, without ever leaving a trace.  So go on, use our service and download your desired content from torrent, reduce game latency or hack someone!

Feel the freedom: Access region specific websites & bypass local restrictions. By using our vpn you can access Hulu or Netflix and similar services outside of United States. Also you can bypass local censorship such as school/work and enjoy free uncensored internet in some regions such as china and Syria where internet is highly restrictive.

Encrypt personal data & protect your identity: You can shop & surf online with confidence without ever been having to worry about someone stealing your identity or Credit card details.

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