3 Reasons why you should only buy from Dedicated IP VPN Provider.

RapidVPN/ November 20, 2015/ Blog/

Nowadays thousands of new VPN providers are popping out every day.  In these extreme competition you will find many provider which claim to provide the cheapest and best service out there, which is never true. Some of them might even provide extended free trials & money back guarantees to increase their sells.

A dedicated IP means that no one but you has that one IP address, it is just like using your home internet. Every internet connection has its own unique IP. Shared IP means many people are using the same IP address as you. Think of it as people connected to your Wi-Fi router.

Below are 3 Reasons why you should not buy from these providers.

1.) They provide shared Ip VPN: One thing to keep in mind while buying a good VPN is to only buy Dedicated IP VPN. Provider giving cheap VPN never give you Dedicated IP VPN, since it costs more & not viable for their business.
2.) They are not reliable:  these cheap providers often lack in dedicated support, 100% uptime & sometimes they may not reply at all after you pay them. Hundreds VPN providers open their services every day while almost double of that shut down.
3.) They track you: Shared IP VPN means hundreds of users will be using same server as you, in order to differentiate different users from each other often so called cheap VPN providers track them via ip & mac addresses, violating user’s privacy & anonymity. Which is not the case with a Dedicated IP VPN provider.

Hence for non-resistive, flawless personal & Business use it is best to buy form Dedicated IP VPN provider. Such as RapidVPN.

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