Find Out What Your Government Is Hiding From You

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Want to know what your government is hiding from you? In this article we will just talk about that.

We no more live in Stone Age or Dark Age, we live in internet era. Era of virtuality where everything is done virtually, whether it be meeting people or doing business deals. But this also has its own benefits and dangers. It is age of VPN or known as virtual private network. Which saves your privacy online, protects you from viruses and fights restriction over internet.

Recently an article was published on a reputed source which claimed that around 27 Countries spy on their people. Government spying on their people is not a new thing! People are already aware of that, but what is alarming is that these governments have now partnered with internet giants such as google and Facebook to help them.

Meaning that if Gov. suspects you of doing something unlawful they can easily get access to all your online activities, as we all know Facebook and google have very precise location services which can easily track you. Leading Gov. to easily find and track you.

However Gov. cannot access your private data such as messages and posts. So you are safe on that side.

But how is this harmful?

There is not just google and Facebook who track your location and other details, there are thousands of websites which will track you. They simply track you by your IP address. IP address usually gives the exact location of where the internet is being used. So if you use any of these websites they can always find you where you are. And sometimes hackers who get access to Gov. Servers can see all your personal details.

How to Protect Your Self?

There is only one answer to this question and that is using a VPN or Virtual Private Network.  By using a VPN Services you can protect yourself, because most of the websites track your by your IP address you will not be tracked at all. Because every time you use a VPN Service from anywhere around the world your IP address will be the same. So you are always secure.

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