Save $500 Now. How to save serious money using Anonymous VPN IP?

RapidVPN/ November 22, 2015/ Blog/

You all must be familiar with the concept of VPN anonymity, online privacy & increased security. Right?  I am not a terrorist, don’t do anything illegal. I don’t need an Anonymous VPN IP.   Nothing of real benefit in buying an Anonymous VPN IP, right? WRONG. Let’s see how.

We all love to travel right? , well most of us.   At some point in our life we had to travel from one destination to other for various reasons.  Who doesn’t want to put travelling as their hobby in a job resume?

But travelling nowadays costs a huge fortune you say. Not quite true. There are many individual and private companies providing different modes of travel such as taxi, bus, ferry & flights. Due to increased demand in services they have increased the prices.  Some of them have doubled it.

Some of these global companies understand that demand in every country around the globe is not same, hence many of these giants have ip based pricing system.  Meaning different prices for different locations.


When our team at RapidVPN was doing research on this topic we found out that prices between developed countries and developing countries can differ up to $500 on a single flight ticket or hotel fare. They just charge you more because you are from a rich neighborhood. Crazy right?

Ok so how to get past this? Using a VPN !!!
How is this useful?
We have helped some of our customers at RapidVPN to save hundreds and thousands of dollars using our Anonymous VPN IP services.  Customer can use our VPN service and buy tickets from a cheaper alternative location (European countries) with same site and same destination at almost half of the rates!

Start saving tons of money by using our Anonymous VPN IP only at RapidVPN.