Stop Using Free VPN | Here is 5 Reasons Why

RapidVPN/ November 26, 2015/ Blog/

We all know what a VPN is and why is VPN used in various fields. From Business Security to Gaming Speed every field has been blessed by VPN Services. There are many options available about VPN Services. One might get confused choosing among them. But as competition is increasing some companies are also providing free VPN Services.

Who does not like free ? Every one likes free right ? But sometimes free is not actually the best service out there. If you are concerned about personal security and privacy & you are using a free VPN Service. THAN STOP NOW! Here are 5 Reasons why.

  1. Government can track your moves and activity via these free VPN Services. How ? Often times Gov sets up these free VPN Services to spy on people. One debatable example is TOR. Some officials say that it is funded by US Government.
    Now if this is true it defeats the whole purpose of VPN Right ?
  2.  Free VPN Services will track your browsing data and other data , store them and sell it to advertising companies such as Google and  Yahoo.  In turn these giant companies will pay them a Handsome amount of money.How else did you think they are able to operate ? without money ?
  3. Sometimes these free VPN apps just want to make money via advertisements shown. So they make Fake App. So in short you install the app and Connect to a VPN Thinking that you are safe, but in reality that app has connected you to a cheap open proxy. Which will help you to bypass censorship but will provide no safety or security.Think again how secure you are when using these free services.
  4. Often times it has been reported by our users that free VPN Providers inject websites with some kind of code or malware. Which will redirect the user to unwanted websites such as adult sites.
  5.  Some of these Free VPN Providers actually do not use their own server, They buy VPN Services from Huge Provider like us and than they try to resell it. This not only compromises security but also the speed.

Some of our customers have reported that the speed on a free VPN network was even less than 10 KBps.  This happens because thousands of users are using the same network and VPN Service thus they will be slower than a snail.


Bonus: These services are highly unreliable, When you need them they do not work ! Customer support is also the worst.

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