The Battle between Android and iOS (user interface)

RapidVPN/ February 9, 2017/ Blog/

According to a report posted on, Android dominated the smartphone market in the world with a shareholding of 86.8% in 2016. In spite of the high-profile recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company still contributed significantly to these statistics. The report also reveals that iOS clientele base grew by 12.7% and more than 45.5 million mobile devices that use this operating system were sold in 2016.

From these statistics, it is clear that the two companies are fiercely competing for a slice of the lucrative smartphone market in the world. They are working hard to come up with gadgets that have superior features and capabilities to lure the target audience to purchase them. One of the aspects that they are working on is the user interface.

An extensive research report posted on show that iOS have a more intuitive and user-friendly interface than the Android phones. Most of the phone manufacturing companies have embraced the modern fast, flat, colorful and minimalist interface. The difference between iOS and Android phone manufacturers is the latter has worked smart to come up with a tailor-made user interface that allows users to customize their phone’s home screens.

The problem with this trend is that each Android phone manufacturing has a unique interface that it gives each phone brand a whole different appearance. The feasibility market studies inform the design that the companies create at the development stage. However, some of the user interfaces are less than satisfactory as they are not easy to navigate for new users.

On the other hand, Apple has been consistent as evident from the uniform and intuitive interface on all iPads and iPhones that they launched. The developers went an extra mile to include slick animations that create a sense of depth and professionalism as one navigates the phone. In spite of the many changes that the company has made on iOS 9 and iOS 10, the gadgets have not lost their aesthetic value and functionalism. The richer notification and new smart applications give the smartphone many capabilities and the best user experience possible.

Bottom Line

Based on the user interface, the iOS smartphones are miles ahead of Android phones. The interface is modern, customer-oriented, and has professionalism design that ensures the users get maximum utility from the device. Android phone manufacturing companies need to be consistent if they are to continue dominating the smartphone market.