The battle between Android and iOS (Affordability and Apps)

RapidVPN/ February 12, 2017/ Blog/

When you want to buy a new smartphone, you will realize how complicated that may be. The choices in the market may be more confusing than helpful to someone who does not have a clear picture of the type of device he/she needs. Here, we compare and identify a winner between Android and iOS concerning affordability and applications.



According to digital trends, Apple does not make budget devices, and the latest iPhone has always been among the most expensive handsets on the market valued at $650 and above. When iPhone 6S came out, it was $100 less. Starting from $400, the iPhone SE is the most affordable Apple device. At $770 Apple’s great iPhone 7 Plus is as expensive as a laptop.


For sheer variety and scale, no platform competes with Android. You only spend a lot if you want to. An example is Samsung’s Galaxy S line and Google’s new Pixel handsets that match Apple’s iPhone price. There is, however, a huge variety of low-cost handsets from various manufacturers and Android has been purposely optimized to run on low-end hardware. According to Android Authority, the fact that Android also commands the free apps field, it makes it the obvious choice for the user who is budget-conscious.



When it comes to overall app quality and numbers, there is a very narrow difference. There has been a trend for new apps to appear on iOS first as it is easier to develop apps for the platform and it is more lucrative for developers. This is, however, changing due to the growth of Android market share. iOS still leads the way in the US but elsewhere developers are frequently aiming Android first.


The Google Play Store still has a greater portion of free apps than the Apple App Store. Android also profits from the most excellent and the latest versions of Google’s apps. The best mobile games still arrive on iOS first and do not regularly come to Android. The design of iOS apps is also more stylish and uniform, so if the design is important to you, pick the iPhone. Regarding quality and variety, we have to give this one to iOS, but it is a narrow win.

However, what is clear is that the two companies will continue to release new gadgets that will open up a whole new digital world and redefine how users access information and communicate.