The battle between Android and iOS (Support & Updates)

RapidVPN/ February 5, 2017/ Blog/

Android and iOS continue to dominate the smartphone market. The two competing platforms have been compared severally. Here we move beyond the glimmer of the sleek looking devices to compare them and give a verdict regarding support and updates. Which platform bets the other?


iOS Vs Android

Both platforms are updated on a regular basis. However not every OS delivers the updates to users in a timely fashion. Big releases with new features and particular redesigns happen every few months. Smaller releases that deal with bugs happen more frequently than that. When the major version of iOS updates are released, push notifications are sent to all the devices. Users of Apple devices, therefore, have an opportunity to run the latest security upgrades and patches.


Android, on the other hand, has no centralized update system for its devices. This means that most Android devices do not receive regular security updates, and there is no continuity among the OS versions used by the devices. As a result, users may experience incompatibility between the version of OS they are running and certain features or apps.


Due to Apple’s greater control over their software, it is easier for them to roll out updates and enable compatible devices to upgrade to the latest version in a timely fashion. Apple, therefore, provides consistent and timely software updates and security patches. Some old iOS devices are left behind when new software is out, so it is not entirely free of fragmentation. However, iOS does better than Android as the devices left behind are four to five years old as opposed to two years when Android devices updates are stopped.



According to trusted reviews, comparing customer support between the two platforms, iOS developer support is top notch. In design terms, Apple’s default apps for iOS are spartan, but they are a good choice if you like the Apple ecosystem.  Unlike on Android, you cannot set particular apps as your default, meaning you only use the Apple-provided messages and phone apps for text messages and phone calls. However, with good developer support occasioned by one firm owning and managing the entire system, you are sure that customer support will be easily availed.


According to Android police, defragmentation of the Android platform leads to different manufacturers and devices each with diverse aspects of the Android OS meaning customer support services will not be easy coming. It is, therefore, clear the iOS gets the number one position in support and updates.